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Oh hi there...

I am a graphic designer.

And this is
my playground.

Well... my portfolio.


Well that was a short intro! Let me give you a quick background on Pixelpig. Because let's be honest, no one wants to read a novel. 

Pixelpig is a graphic design service. Obviously.

It came to be one night while my husband, a friend and I were sitting and thinking of a cool name for a design studio. Pixelpig was born. Whole long story I won’t bore you with :)

To me, the client’s needs come first. I take your idea, problem, story and facts and transform it into visuals that resonates with the audience allowing the message and experience to be more memorable. Pixelpig is all about creating unique visual communications that are creative and hit the mark in terms of delivering the objectives. Pixelpig is based on the foundation of problem solving through with passion. Ideas are transformed to life through the understanding of how people think and feel.

Let's head over to the portfolio section so you can see some of my work!


B-Town also known as Boksburg.
Located in Gauteng which is in
Sunny South Africa